Commenter’s Bill of Rights

Ein kluger Beitrag darüber, wie mehr Rechte für Kommentatoren die Qualität von Unterhaltungen im Netz verbessern könnten:

  • Commenters have the right to edit or delete their comments.
  • The content creator has the right to remove comments or opt-out of comments entirely.
  • Commenters have the right to reply privately.
  • Commenters have the right to clear, human-readable comment guidelines.

Damit wird auch klar, was auf Facebook u.ä. schief läuft.


RevolutionArt – Internet

Aus dem editorial der neuen Ausgabe der revolutionart:

And as the prophecies said, the world became one….
Globalization has come and with it we now share pandemics, global warming and economic crises. Thankfully, we have Internet. And it would seem that as long as we are connected, everything is going to be alright.
This tool is the closest the world has ever come to true democracy. Powerful companies exist which are fighting to control its content, governments restrict the access available to their citizens, servers are banned and content blocked. But in spite of all this, the internet continues to be a living organism which evolves through those people who are immersed in its virtual world.
Hackers, pirating, personal spaces, social networks, blogs, cyber crime, chains, spam, websites and new technologies provide the fuel which from day to day drives the internet, putting into motion a great mass of information in still unknown directions.
If the internet did not exist, then perhaps we would still be at the mercy of monopolistic television channels, or be sitting around at home with friends, just like in the old days. All change brings with it consequences for which we are all responsible. But what is certain is that we will go forward together, following a path as yet unknown to us all…