Hört auf zu arbeiten

Ein Rant gegen ein veraltetes Arbeitsethos bei krautreporter:

Ich will nicht arbeiten. So what? Sollten wir nicht alles Mögliche dafür tun, so wenig Arbeit wie möglich machen zu müssen? Wann ist bitte viel arbeiten zu wollen zu einem solchen Statussymbol geworden?

KR-Praktikantin Mariya


Das perfekte Erbauungsvideo zum Neuen Jahr:

A curious phenomenon often occurs when astronauts travel to space and look out on our planet for the first time: They see how interconnected and fragile life on Earth is, and they feel a sudden responsibility to protect it. Astronaut @RonGaran experienced this so-called “overview effect” when he first saw Earth from space. When he looked out on the planet, he saw an iridescent biosphere teeming with life, all protected by a remarkably thin atmosphere. What he did not see was the thing that society often gives top priority: the economy. For Garan, seeing Earth from space revealed problems like global warming, deforestation, and biodiversity loss are not disconnected. They are the symptoms of an underlying flaw in how we perceive ourselves as humans: We fail to realize that we are a planetary species.

Lesestoff zur Klimakrise